Vertical Planting

plant pockets

This is the best. idea. ever.

Maybe your shed is in need of a make-over…

…or you don’t have a big garden, possibly a balcony…

…or you just fancy trying something a little bit different.

Vertical gardening is the new in-thing.  There are stunning images all over the net and Pinterest, in particular, showing kitchens with herbs growing from gleaming mason jars, while succulents grow in the garden planted up in old pallets.

I was desperate to try something of this kind, especially since the outside of the Finca studio was looking a little bare.  However, I didn’t want to spend ages constructing something. You know me… I wanted instant joy!

Well, as it happens, I stumbled across these ‘Plant Pockets’ (as I call them). They are brill.

These particular ones come in packs of two, in various colours.  They fasten onto your wall with 6 screws and have 3 main pockets, each of which are sub-divided into 2 further pockets.  Each pocket contains drainage holes and are made of tough and sturdy materials.

I have planted some Oregano, Chives and Mint in mine, so that every time I walk past, I get a scented waft of herbiness.

Have I piqued your interest? Betcha I have!

P.S. As usual… I am in no way advertising this product for payment or anything. I just love these pockets of goodness and knew you’d love them too. 



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