How To Easily Propagate Jade Plants

propagating jade plants

I have been waiting to write this post, for what seems like ages.

A friend of mine had a tired looking Jade plant, which she wanted to find a new home for. I was sure that I could repot it, revive it and make it look a bit better.  I also thought that I could make some miniature versions, which could be grown to look more compact (rather than spindly). So I did some research and took some leaf cuttings.

I followed instructions, I trialled different methods, inspected the cuttings daily (or hourly on some days)! Finally, I now know that they’re doing something and it has been a success! Here are my quick and easy steps to propagating your own Jade plants from leaves.

1. Choose some healthy looking leaves and remove them carefully from the mother plant.  At the place where the leaves were picked, the original plant will very quickly start growing new ones – cool huh?!

2. Leave the leaves out somewhere dry for at least a week. This will allow them to form a protective covering over the ‘wound’, which will help to avoid rot and disease.  Once this has happened, they can be planted singly into small pots (I used a mixture of succulent compost, a little perlite and some grit).

3. Don’t water. I read lots of different opinions on this, but found that by watering, it encouraged the cutting to rot instead of rooting. The plant can get everything it needs from the reserves that are left in the leaves.

4. Be patient! Roots will start to grow underneath the soil surface and it may take a number of weeks for this to happen. You can start to resume watering sparingly when you see a new plant forming at the base of the leaf (this should be obvious, so don’t worry that you’ve missed it)! Picture number 4 is actually new leaf formation where a stem has been cut. Your new plant will look similar, but unfortunately mine aren’t at that stage yet, so I can’t show you on a photo – whoops! 

These sites contain masses of great advice and were so helpful to me when I was just starting out:

Mr BrownThumb

The Garden Corner


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