Reduce Stress And Boost Productivity With Air Plants

Air Plant Tillandsia

We all need a little help to make the most out of our days, feel less anxious and stay healthy (especially if you are experiencing the rough end of this horrible weather at the moment).

I have been reading more and more about the incredibly positive effects, house and office plants have on people’s moods and productivity.

Air plants (Tillandsia) are especially effective… they filter the air, removing impurities and producing oxygen along the way, they look incredible and…

…don’t require any soil!  The opportunities for displaying these beauties in interesting and innovative ways are almost limitless.  Air plants do require lots of bright, filtered light and they do need watering.  They enjoy a good dunk in rainwater once a week, an occasional overnight soak and the odd mist.  It is essential that they are dried off thoroughly before they go back into their terrarium or container, as they are prone to rot if left damp.

If you still need to be inspired… please take a look at The Dorset Finca Pinterest page, where I have stored away some creative ideas for air plant display.



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