Free Downloadable Planner: Part Time Working Week

free download part time week planner

I am really happy to see (and hear) that lots of people are making good use of a working week planner that I designed a while ago.

I made the above planner (which is free for you all to merrily use, btw)…

…because my work is distinctly split into two different roles, which I try and plan for separately so as to not get freaked out by the masses of jobs to do.  Planners are extremely individual things and what works for some people, doesn’t work for others. It is a good idea to shop around, trawl the internet and try things out until you hit upon something that makes you do a little dance of joy!

This planner has worked for me very well for months and months. It has reduced my stress significantly, as the tasks get broken down into manageable sections of the day and week.

The left hand side boxes are for you to write in the days that you need.  I have a weekly section for things that are repetitive and a discussion box for those important messages I mustn’t forget.

A friend of mine, prints hers out every week and writes in it diligently. I tend to place mine as an image into a Word file and type into text boxes that I have placed over the top of the coloured squares.  After printing, I can add notes by hand as I go through the week.

If anyone has any preferences, or would like something different…please get in touch. I would be happy to put other designs up on the blog so everyone can enjoy being less stressed and more organised!



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