Lunar Gardening

lunar gardening

I completely admit I am a scientist at heart. I love experimenting, testing a theory, setting up controls…

…the whole notion of discovery and finding out how stuff works thrills me.

I am not saying that I am the best scientist. Probably my investigations and tests are thoroughly flawed…

…but boy, I love it!

Biology and natural sciences are top of my ‘sciencey’ list and when I found out about a book called ‘Gardening and Planting by the Moon’, I was intrigued.

Of course, eons of people from the beginning of time have used the movement of the moon, sun, stars and planets to organise and predict all sorts of things in their lives. It is no new invention. Also, it is no surprise that these large bodies, which have their own gravitational forces are going to influence us here on Earth.  We all know about the moon’s tidal effects.

Scientific studies are confirming that by planting, harvesting and tending to both vegetables and flowers in your garden, according to the moon’s phases, produces incredible results.  With a little bit of planning, performing garden tasks at optimal lunar times produces higher yields of more pest resistant vegetables and more robust, intensely-scented garden flowers.

My new book has a day-to-day calendar to guide my gardening activities, hopefully towards success…

…so for 2014, I will be gardening according to the moon!

Science rocks!


6 thoughts on “Lunar Gardening

  1. I’ve always wanted to know if lunar gardening really does make a difference! Keep us informed about your adventure 🙂
    I’m a solar gardener myself – as in, I want the sun to come out because I’m so sick and tired of Winter. I can’t wait to begin planting this year’s seeds!

  2. Can’t say I know too much about it but I know that in Spain plants which need to grow upwards (beans for example) are planted when the moon is waxing and things that need to put down good roots and grow into the soil (garlic, onions) are planted when it is waning. My parents make wine at their home in London with grapes they import from Italy and various processes in the wine making are also dictated by what the moon is doing – fascinating stuff, may have to look into that book!

    1. It is completely fascinating. There seem to be distinct phases of the moon for planting either root or leafy vegetables. A section of the book is dedicated to vines as well… I expect there is more lunar gardening going on than most people realise!

  3. It’s very popular here in France with annual guides produced that are widely available. Also no one plants out anything tender until after the Ice Saints days have passed!
    I followed the lunar cycle last year, it’s quite difficult at times as you are all ready to sow, the weathers good, but the book says NO, it’s not the right time! But overall I think it’s sound advice and I will be following again this year.

    1. I will have to read that article this morning. Today the guide says that it is a good day for leaf orientated plants. So I’m going to have a go at planting my new Lithops seeds…. am very excited! Thank you for your lovely comment. 🙂


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