Rooting Willow

rooting willow

{trees for free – well, almost}

These branches of willow were part of a Christmas arrangement that we had in the house.  Although most of the flowers and foliages had to be composted after their moment in the spotlight, we thought it would be a good idea to try and root the willow in water.

The bottom sections were placed into a tall vase of water after the tops had been cut off and two weeks later thin, silvery roots were appearing.

As you can see…the roots are looking sturdy and there are even green shoots appearing.

Even though the watery willows are quite a display as they are, it is almost time to pot them up…

…then they can gear themselves ready to be planted in late February to make brand new willow trees.

Cool, huh?!


2 thoughts on “Rooting Willow

  1. Willow has the most amazing desire to grow – I know of someone who put in willow fence posts and ended up with trees. Even as I write, a big bundle of willow cuttings from our hedge are on their way to Wiltshire to be used to create a new hedge.


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