Happy Birthday Hyacinths

green gifts are best

During the last two weeks, a number of my friends, who have January birthdays, have received little packages of home-grown Grape Hyacinths.

Apart from the necessity to think ahead (the bulbs were planted in October), home-grown or propagated plants make the perfect presents, even for those who don’t consider themselves to be green fingered.

Due to the squillions of people enjoying The Great British Garden Revival on the BBC (or iPlayer, if you are hopeless at catching things on the telly, like me), we will hopefully see lots more people having a go with green gifts.

Green gifts are go!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hyacinths

  1. It’s a great programme isn’t it?! I had a pal who used to work at West Dean College and she is now a florist. Love hyacinths – my mum gave me some at Christmas and they started to flower about 10 days ago….good timing fo rme too as it’s my birthday next week!

    1. It has been really good to watch and has reminded people just how easy and fun it is to get out and enjoy a bit of gardening. I bet those hyacinths are smelling lovely! A huge Happy Birthday to you for next week 🙂


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