Beat The January Blues


If you’re feeling a little of the January blues, let me try and bring a little cheer.

I can’t promise 100% cheerfulness…maybe 87%…

While I was wandering outside on the Finca yesterday…

…(yes, I know, outside… incredible. No, it wasn’t raining – thank you for asking)!

There were so many signs that the trees, hedges and plants were not fast asleep in their dormant hibernation. Instead they have been gathering themselves, ready for spring (albeit slowly).

There were buds, catkins, shoots, little leaflets a-plenty.

Of course the softer plants are still resolutely staying within their plant-like-snail-shells, but they won’t be far behind.

So enjoy your hot chocolates by the fire, with the dog at your feet for a little while longer, but remember…

…spring is a-comin’!



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