Craft Your Way To Scented Happiness

christmas scented wreath

Phew, things have been busy here at the finca…

…as I’m sure your home is too at this time of year.

If you get a moment and fancy something crafty, get yourself some cinnamon sticks, orange slices and ribbon (ebay is a great place for this – be sure to look out for sellers who offer free delivery).

My favourite bases to use are ones made out of grapevines, as they have such a rustic twiggy-ness about them.

Plan out where your top and bottom will be. Wire or string up a little loop at the top (for hanging) and remember to leave a space for your ribbon at the end.

As you attach your different items (by wiring or hot glueing), try to make sure that they are evenly spread around the wreath with some pieces coming into the centre and others nestling on the outside.

Hang up somewhere focal, to give maximum impact to your creation (front/back doors or above fireplaces are good options).

This little fella above is going to a very special customer this week!


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