Scented Christmas Coaster DIY

scented Christmas coasters

This idea comes from a very close friend… and believe me it’s fab!

She (and her scrummy little boy) followed these steps to make their creations:

First, they made two felt squares, for a back and front.

They then decorated the front of their coasters with stitching and felt shapes (robins, snowmen, stars).

Using blanket stitch, they sewed round three sides and before closing it all up completely…

…they stuffed the insides with cloves, cinnamon and Christmassy spices.

When a hot drink is put on top of the coaster (can you guess)?

A wondrous, festive scent is released!

What a completely perfect activity for a chilly afternoon! 


6 thoughts on “Scented Christmas Coaster DIY

    1. I think they put the spices straight in between the felt. Although I think making up a little bag of spices would be a good idea and would stop any spiky bits of clove trying to poke through!

      1. Hi TheDorsetFinca, thank you for replying! I wanted to make a little extra something for xmas for my friends, but couldn’t think of something.. this may be it. Thank you again for the wonderful post and idea. 🙂 Connie


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