Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Dorset Finca Wedding Bouquet

– The bouquet at my wedding, photograph by David Brown Photography

It’s my wedding anniversary soon.


I like to follow the traditions of what each year signifies to mix up the gifts a little.

It can be a little hard to source good ideas for each anniversary, so I thought I would put together my own list of hints.

First – Paper –  A personalised print, like this one

Second – Cotton – A beautiful set of sheets or a gorgeous throw, like these

Third – Leather – A soft leather belt

Fourth – Linen or Silk – Stylish Cushions

Fifth – Wood – Beautiful olive wood creations from Olives Et Al

Sixth – Iron – Bespoke weather vane from here

Tenth – Tin – Seed packet tin perfect for the potting shed, here

Fifteenth – Crystal – Exquisite Embellished hair clamp from Stone-Bridge Hair Accessories

Twentieth – China – A Constance Spry Vase by Fulham Pottery, similar to here

Twenty-fifth – Silver – A silver wedding rose, from here

Thirtieth – Pearl – An onyx and pearl necklace – wow! from here

Fortieth – Ruby – Classic car driving in a ruby red Morgan, here

Fiftieth – Gold – Golden Wedding planted box, like these

Sixtieth – Diamond – It’s got to be hasn’t it? Tiffany

Seventieth – Platinum – Search for some platinum sands in the Caribbean!


Mr D-F… are you taking notes?


4 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary Gift List

  1. What a brilliant list, I shall put this list under Mr DB’s nose…..not that he will take much notice. Love the bouquet ….

    Sent from my iPad



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