Keep Kitty In Mind With Flowers In The Home


As you know, I am permanently bringing flowers and plants into the house…

…and I love nothing more than a simple arrangement on my desk, to encourage me to sit and do some work!

Oliver, our cat, loves sitting on my desk too and I am always paranoid that he will eat the blooms and have some crazy illness, palpitations or renal failure (I am a slight hypochondriac, especially when it comes to the animals, I mean, they just can’t tell you what’s wrong can they?)

It is very unlikely that at 2 years old, Ollie will chomp on my pink roses… but he might accidentally rub up against some lilies and then unknowingly lick the fatal pollen off his fur later.

Kittens are even more of a worry, as they seem to test everything out with their mouths first.

To stop me from going round the bend, I keep flowers out of Ollie’s way if he is in the house on his own and I always check a plant’s toxicity to cats on some of these sites:

Cat’s Protection League

1stInFlowers – which has very good information about how cats react to the different toxins

The Cat Fancier’s Association

I hope this information provides some comfort if you are, in any way, quite as crazy as me about your kitty!


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