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Springtime terrarium

Providing plants with maximum impact and minimal fuss!

My interest in floristry and horticulture started during my degree course in Ecology (actually, it all started while I was staring at a particularly intriguing piece of sphagnum moss)! From that moment, I developed a complete passion for the structural beauty of plants and flowers in their natural ecosystems and thought about how I could bring this rustic loveliness into people’s homes. After realising that this was something I was desperate to pursue, I took a six-month, intensive course in Floristry (with the Constance Spry Flower School) and qualified in 2006.

In 2014, I began to specialise in houseplants, terrariums and designing indoor green spaces for homes and offices. I love the idea that plants can be hassle-free and that they have much more scope for longevity than flowers in a vase (plus, they have usually been grown locally, or at the Finca, completely taking out any air miles).

A carefully chosen houseplant, in the perfect situation, is not only beautiful but can reduce stress, boost productivity and filter impurities from the air around you.

If you would like to talk more about plants for yourself, your office or as a gift… please feel free to get in contact:


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