Organising Gardening Routines…

my Tuesday list

I am a real sucker for iPad and iPhone apps that claim, in some way, to change your life…

Information gathering ones, drawing ones, wardrobe organising ones (yes… honestly)!

However, this one I have found, actually has made quite a big impact on me day-to-day.

The HomeRoutines app is designed to help you to sort out the things that you write lists for and generates ‘routines’ that re-set themselves at your specification.

Home Routines

~ via ~

The best bit is that I have modified my routines to organise myself in the garden, as well as the home…

…For example, I write in all the jobs that I always do on a Tuesday, (trimming the edges of the lawn, spraying the roses, plant new veg seeds in the greenhouse, etc).  As I complete a job, I tick it off on the list and it gives me a little gold star – yay!

I program this routine to re-set itself every Tuesday and therfore it saves me from writing the same lists out every single week.


So I now have routines organised for every day of the week, I can add to them and alter as I like, but I am not wasting ages writing the same things down on a scrap of paper.

Think you might love it?

P.S. I promise that this is not some advertising thing, where I get paid a bazillion pounds to say how great it is. I just found it, liked it and thought you might too… x

Love from The Dorset Finca x


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