Potted Presents…

herby present

A very good friend of mine has just had a birthday and a house move all rolled into one.

She has a beautiful, blank canvas of a garden with some decking and I heard (on the underground grapevine) that she wanted to start gathering pots and container plants to make it feel like they had really moved in.

So, what better gift to make her than a potted present?

I chose a reasonably-sized trough container and filled it with some good-quality compost. I thought about which herbs wouldn’t grow too large, too quickly (and would therefore need planting out into a larger container).  I chose plants that would look good together as well as being favourites to use in the kitchen.

Chives, Purple Sage and Thyme

To add extra interest, I painted some wooden labels with blackboard paint and wrote the names of the herbs on them.

As my friend would admit, she’s not the most experienced of gardeners (yet!), so I included the care labels in with the present, neatly wrapped in a jute twine bow.


6 thoughts on “Potted Presents…

  1. Have given herb ‘gardens’ as presents for all kind of occasions forever and they have always been appreciated! Stawberry pots oft make lovely containers: when the recipient plants the herbs on, the pot is free to receive flower seedlings or indeed strawberry plants 🙂 !


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