Beautifying the Recycling Storage

recycling bin makeover1A recycling collection has just arrived in our part of deepest Dorset.


However, it has meant a little bit of an organisational reshuffle!

There are bins for this, boxes for that and bags for something else and Mr D-F was getting a little bit… concerned… (ahem *majorly stressed) that we were going to make mistakes and put cabbages in with lethal chemical waste or some other crazy fear.

After two minutes of thought and a piece of paper we made a plan:

(Sorry to those of you who have been doing this for years, I know we are slow to join the party and probably seem completely ridiculous)!

Our single kitchen bin has been replaced by a fancy silver and black one with three compartments, which are… wait for it…

…colour coded!

To ease all last bits of worry, I chose three suitable photographs and put them into PicMonkey, where labels and borders could be added.  After printing and laminating, I thought that we could stick these onto the top of each of the new bin’s compartments to indicate what needs to go in.

As our new bin is stainless steel (and unfortunately non-magnetic) I couldn’t use my first thought of attaching the labels with mini-magnets. So instead I will use little double sided stickies to hold the labels in place.

Phew. Now recycling can look as good as it feels! 

Love from The Dorset Finca x


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