Creating A Cloud

word cloud 2

Ooh look at this…

Don’t you just love it?

Do you want one too?

All you need to do is visit: Tagxedo where you can input your blog’s URL or any text that takes your fancy. Then you can press the magic button and the rest of the work is done for you and a beautiful word cloud is created – for free!

I thought that these would be beautiful as a blog header, the image on an ‘about me’ page or even as business cards.  I think I might even make this one into my desktop image.

If I get tired of looking at this beauty, I can always ask the site to ‘respin’ where a new cloud design is created in seconds with your same words.  Those people with artistic juices can even design their own, down to the specific shape, fonts and colour scheme.

I bet you’re off to have a go – aren’t you?!!

Love from The Dorset Finca x


4 thoughts on “Creating A Cloud

  1. This is gorgeous! I also will find this and figure out how to apply it. Have just begun to blog…s l o w s t a r t , steep learning curve. I recognized your theme right away, though, it’s the same one I’ve sign up for…You have done simply a beautiful job with it–do you mind if I ask you a question about it from time to time?
    Enjoy the season 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. Starting is always a bit slow, but you will quickly pick up pace. Isn’t the theme gorgeous? I had to have it the minute I saw the pretty font! Of course you can ask questions… fire away! I asked lots at the beginning, but I need to warn you – I am by no means an expert! 🙂


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