Happy 2nd Birthday!

happy birthday real

The Dorset Finca is 2 years old!

Time for lemon sponge, cups of tea and masses of bunting.

I can’t quite believe it…

…and over the course of 2 years I have discovered a few things:

1.  The blogging community is diverse, friendly and super supportive.

2. I can only write about what is important to me and gets me all over-excited, otherwise I quickly get de-motivated.

3. I have a real passion for photography and images. I definitely don’t have a whizzy top notch camera, but I’m rather proud of its efforts.

4. When I started out, I wanted everything to be perfect, right from the off. However, blogs seem to evolve, improve and change (and this takes time) until they have squidged themselves into their little niche on the web.

Oops… that was a bit of a surprise reflection – I obviously had to get it off my chest.

Now let’s get down to business.  Who wants a slice of cake…?

Love from The Dorset Finca x


14 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday!

      1. I am fascinated by this aversion to wobbliness! I have been trying to think of other foods that you may not like… but I couldn’t think of any and reckoned that soufflé probably wouldn’t count. 🙂

      2. Pannacotta, blancmange, cold Bird’s custard and creme caramel…and I guess jellied eels, although I’ve never actually encountered them. Souffle and mousse are find generally.
        OK, I admit it, I’m strange!


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