Cheering Up The Chickens

lettuce seedlingThe hens have been looking extremely grumpy.

I put it down to all of these cold, icy blasts getting right up and in between their feathers.

Most likely that would put us all in a bit of a miff.

To cheer them up, I promised that I would grow them some lettuces.

Once the plants are looking juicy enough, I will give the hens the whole pot plus lettuce and let them have a party.

As you can see, we’re a little far off from the lettuce-extravaganza yet, but at least it gives poor old Keith and Steve something to look forward to!

Love from The Dorset Finca x


9 thoughts on “Cheering Up The Chickens

  1. Well, I envy your hens 😉 … ours are the same when the weather’s throwing all sorts of nasty things at them. They almost need an animator to cheer them up. Thankfully we’re having a lovely spring (apart from today, it’s raining).

    1. Ooh I envy you with your lovely Spring. By the time my lettuces have grown it will probably be summer – still it keeps the chicks entertained as they can watch the shoots grow from behind the glass! 🙂

  2. Don’t blame your chickens, the icy blasts have had me feeling a tad grumpy too. Must plant some lettuces, I have some purple podded peas that have germinated and the thought of summery crops is definitely uplifting.


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