Re-Stocking The Herb Bed

herb garden re-stockSadly, because of all this freeeeezing weather, we’ve taken a couple of hits at the Finca.

Some of the more delicate herbs in the ‘bbq herb bed‘ aren’t looking too hot.

The sages and common rosemary plants are all looking robust and healthy, but the poor basil and oregano plants are brown and crispy!

I made myself a list of all the ones that needed replacing and took myself off to the garden centre.

Umm… while I was there, I was suddenly struck by the vision of a whole mass of lavender in one section of our raised bed, just near to the outside seating area. I could almost smell the aromas and hear the bumblebees buzzing. 

That’s when I woke up from my dream and realised I’d spent *ahem* quite a lot of money on lavender plants!


Love from The Dorset Finca x


5 thoughts on “Re-Stocking The Herb Bed

  1. Losses are always a great opportunity, too, to try out new things and play around with new ideas…I agree, a visit to a garden centre harbours some risks…unless you have a very small car 😉 – know the feeling.


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