Dreaming of June Roses

rosesMmmm… June….

Warm winds and outside eating.

Two layers of socks not being a complete necessity.

Lazy afternoons reading books.

You might have guessed, but I am going slightly stir crazy with all this -600 degree wind chill factor and am desperate to get out in the garden and do proper gardening things.

Like… mulching and hole digging.

Ho hum. Never mind.

I’m going to put on another pair of socks (yes, that will then take me up to 3) and dream of summer sunshine.


Love from The Dorset Finca x



6 thoughts on “Dreaming of June Roses

  1. Lovely thoughts! I am about to put on a few extra layers and brave the cold wind in order to have a decadent couple of hours of child-free gardening while I have chance. Will dream of lazing in hammock on a sunny June while I tackle the very muddy garden.


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