Bringing In The New Year With… Veg!

what's in the box

Happy New Year!

I wonder what 2013 will have in store for us all?  Lots of happiness and fun times I hope!

Here at the Finca we’re kicking off the new year by road-testing a weekly fruit and veg box.  I am hoping it will be the answer to all of our supermarket dilemmas.

(Basically when Mr D-F goes to the supermarket he gets increasingly frustrated with the time spent in the veg section).

Our plan is to swap the money spent on these things, in the old supermarche, for locally grown, organic produce.

There’s also a bit of a lucky dip element each week for added excitement!

Now, I know what you’re thinking ~ these boxes have been around for ages, are you sure you’re not going through a bit of a fad?

Well, we’ve prepared ourselves to be completely objective about it.  If it doesn’t fit the bill, we’ll try and get around the problem by another means.

Anyway, the main point is… join me on Thursday to see what’s inside.

Fingers crossed for no aubergines!

Love from The Dorset Finca x


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