4 Quick Tips To Making The Perfect Scone

need to start by thanking all those amazing cooks, chefs and bakers who have written lengthy and hugely useful advice on this subject. It is only from reading their recipes that I have finally been able to make a scone to rival all scones

…and not, as I used to…

…open the oven door to find slightly, burned, biscuity-looking things!

Four Quick Tips To Success are…

Keep it quick ~ It seems that overworking the dough is a no-no. So leave the pummelling to bread-making and only knead scone dough as much as it takes to form a smooth dough, ready to flatten by hand.

Roll it cool ~ Cool hands and a cool surface for rolling are best. It’s an old wive’s tale apparently, but I think it’s a winner!

Cut it thick ~ The main reason that I used to make ‘biscuits’ unintentionally instead of scones was that I cut the dough out too thinly. Don’t be stingy and make each scone a good 2cm in depth.

Bake it hot ~ Or at least at about 220 C for 15 minutes. That seems quite hot to me!

Lastly, I always try and  use an unconventional cutter to jazz up my scones. This week it has been hearts.  I now have my eye on dinosaurs.

Have you ever seen a dinosaur-shaped scone? Watch this space!


9 thoughts on “4 Quick Tips To Making The Perfect Scone

  1. I have seen teddy bear scone cutters before……I might make scones tomorrow, you have inspired me, thankyou for the top tips! xx


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