5 Things To Do When It's Snowing In November

“Snow in November,” I hear you shriek at me!

Yes loveliness. Snow. Big, thick, dollops of wetness.

As yesterday was such a beautiful, sunny day, this rather caught me by surprise.

Here are my 5 ideas on how to make the most of this freak event!

1. Chicken-Clean-Out in the style of Supermarket Sweep.

As Sunday is coop clean out day… nothing will stop me, especially not a bit of incidental weather. So, I will gather all my equipment by the back door, put as many clothes on as possible {paying special attention to neck and lower back areas, as they are prime snow-collection zones} and time myself to see how long it takes me to refresh Keith and Steve’s dwelling house. I will be marked on the state that I arrive back in, swiftness and grumpiness on finishing.

2. Start the woodburner early.

Stack up the logs, light the fire and make sure there’s a lot of suitable comments {concerning coldness and battening down hatches} being thrown around to make us feel like we’re trapped in a blizzard in the arctic and not just having a bit of a mizzly day in Dorset! 

3. Bake scones/cakes/etc.

Basically, anything that involves turning on the oven for a little extra warmth and has the plus side of making you look house-wifely when people pop round for tea.

4. Plan a film afternoon.

This will involve a two-pronged approach:

Firstly, use the prospect of a film and eating the results of the above baking, as a carrot, in which to encourage people to get their jobs done {*ahem* hoovering Mr Dorset Finca, if you were wondering}.

Secondly, it is necessary to gather all blankets and pillows to make a nest in which you can all huddle while watching said film. Preferably a good classic like The Holiday. 

5. Allow the cat some lee-way. 

It’s cold. He doesn’t want to go outside. He surprised himself by slipping on the back step as he went out this morning and I shouldn’t have laughed.  I’m going to let him have a nice warm towel to sit on in his favourite place and give him lots of loving remarks. “Good kitty“.


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