Sleepless Night = Homemade Christmas Card Production Line!

Due to *ahem* someone nearby deciding on spontaneous festivities at 3 am last night, sleep was slightly lacking at the Dorset Finca.

Instead of being frustrated at not being able to shimmy on over in a sparkly dress all impromptu, like in the movies (obviously artistically carrying a bottle and glasses at the  same time)…

…it was decided that we would get up all snuggly-like in our dressing gowns and make a start on this year’s handmade Christmas cards.

For those of you actually shouting at me, with your noses pressed against your screens, that it is only October. In my defence, find that getting enough Christmas cards made in time for posting always poses me with a serious challenge…

…especially when this year’s attempt involves…

* alphabet stamps


*home-made picture stamps of presents, trees, stockings etc.

Stamping is the best, but it takes an age (especially when having to stamp out each letter in Happy Christmas about twenty times)!

Anyway, hurrah for being virtuous and making a start on Christmas to do-lists and a double hurrah for not getting too antsy about the early morning wake up call!


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