My 4 Tips To An Inspirational Home Office

I suddenly realised that I am spending more and more time at the computer…

“I need my own home-office,” I said demandingly one morning.

“Ok,” was the answer. “You can have the landing.”

…and that’s where it all began!

I thought long and hard about what I really wanted from the space (whiteness, calmness, minimalism).  I had a clear-out but was determined to be realistic about what I needed to have around me and therefore what I would require in the way of storage solutions.

I decided upon a top 4 to promote an inspirational space:

1. Something exciting to sit on your desk and create a bit of atmosphere. I chose a beautiful lamp that looks white and clean in the day, but creates a cosy glow to work by in the evening.

2. A bin in an outrageous colour to add balance to all of the white!

3. Mirrored Storage. Remember – I have only been given a little landing as my space and therefore need to create the impression of as much ‘room’ as I can.

4. Layered blinds in different textures. To soften up the hardness of the desk and provide a bit of shade from the afternoon sun.

I am so interested to find out about other people’s working spaces. Do you have a list of ‘must haves’? Apart from the requisite mug of hot chocolate of course.


3 thoughts on “My 4 Tips To An Inspirational Home Office

  1. I´m lucky enough to be able to use a spare bedroom as an office/study. We have a large bookcase, desk with computer, printer etc, lamp, cabinet and lots of poster prints and maps on the walls 🙂


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