August Garden Round-Up

Oooh, so much has been happening, so I’ll get you up to speed…

1. The crops are all being madly harvested in the fields.  This little plant will be missed this year as he has grown in our garden, from a fly-a-way seed.

2. The Virginia Creeper that we discovered being suffocated by a rampant Honeysuckle has now got to grips with being top dog and is merrily climbing up the wall.

3.  The incredible yellow Buddleia is blooming and attracting bumblebees aplenty.

4. No matter how much I thin it out, the Duck Weed on the pond is multiplying at such a rate due to warm sunshine and an abundance of tadpole poops. Hmmm…

Hope you’ve been able to enjoy the sunshine. Shame it’s raining now. At least it relieves us of the crazy evening watering routine for a bit!


4 thoughts on “August Garden Round-Up

  1. Just stopped in to say “hello” as I see your comments over at Tanya’s blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Your rosemary rolls looked wonderful.


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