Tomatoes Here We Go…!

I am actually sitting in my garden writing this post.

Incredible isn’t it? …and no, I’m not wearing my mac.  Something strange is going on here in England.  Not quite sure about this big glowy thing in the sky.  Hmmm…

Back to the point. Sorry.

The tomatoes are growing so fast that I have actually had to pinch out the growing tips (on purpose this time) to encourage them to put their energy into what’s really important – tomatoes!

NB: Someone kindly informed me that it is a good idea to pinch out growing tips when you see 3 or more branches of flower stalks. 

The insects have been in and out of the greenhouse doing their important pollinating and we now are seeing the beginnings of some little green tomatoes.

Have I finally been successful?! Can I hold my head up high when people start chatting about their tomato-growing prowess?! Maybe I should hold back my excitement until we have sampled some, once they are ripe.  My family are not ones to hold back on giving me the truth!


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