Garden Round-Up

There were so many events around the garden this week, that I thought I should do a round-up (and not the weedkiller sort) to keep you abreast, as it were

1.  The Pheasant Berries are flowering in the hedge and look so striking in their dangliness.

2.  The tomatoes are no longer a disaster and are growing super fast and no, I haven’t pinched off the growing tips like last year… although there is still time!

3.  This horrifically scary mother spider jumped out at me, but only to show me the enormous ball of eggs she was carrying (phew).

4. The second of our new roses (now fantastically aphid-free) has started to flower – hurrah!

Hope you’re having a great week.


2 thoughts on “Garden Round-Up

  1. Thank you for the tour. Really enjoyed it. Love the pheasant berries. Pleased to hear the rose is doing well. Happy gardening.
    Regards Florence x


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