Restored Bedroom Sneak Peek!

No need to worry.

I have finally come out of my hole.

For the past month I have been hiding in our bedroom…

…and after a lot of wallpaper stripping, fixing, plastering, painting and restoring…

…it is almost finished!!

Hurrah!  Sound the trumpets!

We haven’t quite got round to the skirting boards yet, but I knew you wouldn’t hold it against me and would be desperate for a sneak peek!

We’re putting in the scrummy furniture at the weekend. EEEEEK!

{The above photo – although slightly dark and moody – shows the newly restored Victorian fireplace, with the newly plastered walls, painted in Farrow and Ball’s Skimming Stone – which is luscious}!

Have a fab day, even though the weather makes us feel like living in sleeping bags. x


8 thoughts on “Restored Bedroom Sneak Peek!

  1. Ooh this is exciting! We have just bought an old Victorian House down on the south coast which needs restoration (to rent out rather than live in) and it still has all the original fireplaces. Although it won´t be the most fabulous restoration known to man, but hopefully we´ll be able to make the fireplaces look nice and I am now very inspired.

  2. How lucky to have original features to restore, so many were ripped out in a desire for modernity. All your hard work is paying off….sit back and have a couple of cervezas and smile at your cleverness.

  3. Hi, The fire place looks fantastic. Love it. Can you light a fire them? The first house I bought was a victorian terrace house. That had these fire places in the bedrooms. I tried to clean them up but they didn’t look a patch on this. Can’t wait to see more photos. It is all very exciting.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Regards Florence xx

    1. Hi Florence,
      Thank you – I’m quite surprised at how well it’s turned out. I suppose we could light a fire in it, but the chimney is blocked with a special removable plate thing. It would be a bit odd to have an open fire in the bedroom these days… I’d be worried about setting the duvet alight!!!! X


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