Sweet Pea Disaster – What Went Wrong?

I followed all the instructions.

I got advice from the guru of gardening {my mother}.

I sowed the seeds early and kept them in optimum conditions.

I pinched them out at 6 inches tall.

So why, oh why, do they not look like the picture above

{again, my mother’s plants}…

…but instead look like this…

 It’s a disaster.

I am hoping that there will be some spare ones {of the healthy variety} on offer, for me to replace sick ones.

…because let’s be honest… I don’t think these are going to be doing much!

I hope you haven’t had similar plant meltdowns… x


11 thoughts on “Sweet Pea Disaster – What Went Wrong?

  1. Sorry to hear they didn’t work out. I’ve asked my dad, a keen sweet pea grower, and he’s had a look at the picture. He says it might have been something in the soil that didn’t agree with them, if they went like that after planting them out? I hope you have better look with the new batch 🙂

    1. Ooh… thanks so much… that may well have been the problem. I have been so careful to fleece them if there has been any sign of a frost, but didn’t even consider the soil! Oops! x

  2. They do look poorly….was there a frost perhaps after you planted them out? Its a bit late now to plant up a new batch of seeds but better luck next year.


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