Potting Up A Present

Custom-made presents for all your friends!

Gosh we’ve been a bit organised here at the Dorset Finca.

I know, I can hear gasps of amazement… but there’s a secret {it didn’t take that much effort and the results are brilliant}.

Towards the end of the flowering season last year, we did a bit of seed harvesting. The seeds were subsequently planted and then potted on into individual pots.  We also potted up any little baby plants and seedlings that appeared in the beds {hellebores are especially good at making little babies}.

We now have a bank of little plants ready to be grown on in a new place.

Instead of keeping them for ourselves, we plan to give them as presents to people throughout the year {unless they really aren’t plant-people, in which case… ummm… maybe an iTunes voucher is in order}!!!

To make the gifts extra special, I put the plastic seedling pots into more traditional ceramic pots and decorated them with lovely ribbon.  I thought that the ribbon colour could be tailored towards the personality of the person {I have a particularly gorgeous burgundy and blue striped ribbon, which is a very boy colour scheme}!

If you like the idea… start looking for those seedlings in your beds or…

…you could cheat a bit, buy some seeds and get planting!


7 thoughts on “Potting Up A Present

  1. Such a clever idea and the little seedling looks so healthy, just ready to give someone years of Hellebore pleasure and maybe seedlings of their own one day, to give away as presents…..and the circle goes on!

  2. A very lovely idea indeed. I did something similar with cuttings I took from lavender, margarita and rose bushes last Autumn and gave some away as gifts this Spring. Made me very happy.


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