Forget-Me-Nots and 'The Old Brick Wall'

{beautiful in their blue-ness}

I am sure that every year I post a picture of these beauties! Last year it was the water forget-me-not in our miniature pond {here} that got me so excited.

This time, the land variety has decided to make our little wall {from this post} its home.

It has softened up the look of the wall and made it look… friendly! 

A friendly wall.  I love it!

Where is the little plant going to pop up next?

Oh… and I’m just organising my next post… perfect if anyone is struggling to think up an unusual present for an upcoming birthday. It’ll be right up your street… promise!


8 thoughts on “Forget-Me-Nots and 'The Old Brick Wall'

  1. Your photographs are beautiful! My mother’s garden had a spring border with mounds of aubretia through which she had planted hundreds of grape hyacinths. The blueness was so intense as to be hypnotic!

  2. These are so pretty. I bet your wall is looking fab. I did giggle a bit with the “friendly wall”. It made me think of Shirley Valentine 🙂
    Have a lovely day.
    Florence x


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