This Week’s Finca Garden Task: Tie Back Honeysuckle Shoots

{look at this speedy little grower}

Last Autumn, we gave the various honeysuckles a real haircut…

…like to the ground!

Although it was a little dramatic, the plants look extremely healthy and we’ve now got numerous shoots appearing everywhere.

So while dodging the raindrops, I have been scurrying around with bits of twine and rubber ties, trying to encourage the new shoots to grow in the correct directions.

I’m sure that they will escape from their ties and do their own thing… but at least I will have attempted to bring some order! 

My hope is that they will start to grow amongst the virginia creepers, clematis and other climbing plants to give extra colour in the summer.

I hope you’re all either having better weather or, if not, you have something nice to look forward to today… like hot toast! x


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Finca Garden Task: Tie Back Honeysuckle Shoots

  1. We were rather cowardly with our honeysuckle but very radical with the clematis. Now that we have seen how well the clematis is coming back to life we are resolved to be dramatic at the end of this year with the honeysuckle too! Yours looks and sounds like it is very happy.


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