This Week's Finca Garden Task: Buy Clematis Plants

{isn’t it divine?}

Ok, so I was given strict instructions today to not go mad at the Garden Centre!

How could I not go a little bit crazy at the site of all of the new Clematis plants that are coming into the shops about now?

There are so many different sorts to look at…

…climbing ones, evergreen ones, those that flower twice, those with bronze leaves…

I did behave myself quite well and I chose:

Clematis montana Mayleen {picture above}

which grows quite rampantly and is great for covering buildings, archways, fences or for growing through trees.


Clematis Anna Louise

which is a little less prolific in its growing methods and likes trellis.  The best thing about this variety is that it has two flowering sessions in a year.

Ooh… and I bought a Hydrangea paniculata… but that is another story and please don’t tell my husband! x


8 thoughts on “This Week's Finca Garden Task: Buy Clematis Plants

  1. Oooo! I’m telling!!! lol! Have you ever tried growing your own from cuttings. I have had a lot of success with them. They take quite quickly. I pinch my cuttings though! 🙂
    Regards Florence x

      1. Sorry, I was talking about clematis cuttings but why not hydrangea cuttings. Just as easy.
        Regards Florence x
        P.S. Borrow is a much better word 🙂

  2. I can vouch for Florence´s cuttings – she gave me a beautiful white one and it had done fantastically well in our garden. Big Man gave it a massive haircut (I was really quite scared he had killed it) but it´s back…! PS. Your secret is safe with me!

    1. Sometimes cutting back harshly is the best thing – although it can be a long wait until the growing season to check whether it is still alive! P.S. thanks for keeping it quiet…he hasn’t noticed it yet!! x

  3. Love the Clematis Mayleen, I will be searching one out over the Easter weekend to make it mine, just got to find the space in the garden.


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