The Hens Get a Treat: Worming!

The grass is growing, the leaves are beginning to come out in the hedges {almost} and the chickens need their first worming treatment of the year.

We use Flubenvet at the Dorset Finca, which is not a one dose quick fix, but seems to be very effective against all of the different worm varieties that our hens are most likely to get.

After reading lots of different advice and viewpoints on the Omlet website, here, the trick seems to be to mix the layers pellets in a little olive oil first, to make them a bit sticky. Then mix in the required ratio of worming powder very thoroughly.

This delightful mix is then fed to the hens for seven days continuously. {I usually need to make two batches for Keith and Steve}.

Needless to say, they love it! You can almost hear them saying “this food has a zesty-ness that I can’t get enough of…” If only they knew!!


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