BBQ Herb Bed

{load up with your favourite herbs}

In order to get some of the peeps here at the Dorset Finca excited about the garden, I had to link it with their favourite pastime – eating!

So this sunny weekend, I made a part of the garden over to barbecuing.  This included a patio area for the actual barbecue device and for a place to sit in the sun (this part is still underway… do you think I’m that much of a whizz that I have completed an entire patio in a single weekend…?! Surely not – but thanks anyway for believing in me!)

The most exciting part was that I did manage to construct a raised bed, behind where the bbq will sit and I have filled it with the most glorious of herbs. So while you are cooking, you can just reach over (minding the fiery flames of course) and pick off the herbs that you need.

Fancy heh?!


7 thoughts on “BBQ Herb Bed

    1. If I can only get some of the family to enjoy the ‘fun’ of weeding the new bed, then all of the hard work will have been worth it! I have my fleece ready to cover the little plants if there are any more pesky frosts! x


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