Project Chalkboard

{the finished article}

Chalkboards/blackboards are the so the ‘in thing’ at the moment – perfect for guests to doodle their thanks on at the end of a party, or for you to remind your family where the clean socks are to be found {or in my case, where I do not want them depositing their dirty ones…. they think it’s hilarious}.

The peeps at the Dorset Finca have been pestering me non-stop to make a chalkboard for our kitchen.  I gave in and am so glad I did.

Here’s a rough step-by-step for you to make your own:

  1. Take measurements and cut some plywood and edging to the correct size that you would like. I wanted my finished product to end up at about 2 foot by 14 inches.
  2. Paint with 2 coats of a suitable primer/undercoat – I used normal white matt emulsion.  It gives a nice even finish you see.  Leave any bits that are to be glued, unpainted.
  3. Once dry, paint the back of the plywood and the edging strips with a suitably fab colour.  I chose Blackened, No.2011 by Farrow and Ball.  Paint the face for the chalkboard {the other side of the plywood} with blackboard paint. Most places like Homebase sell it. Again, I needed 2 coats of both paints.
  4. Once dry fix it all together and fasten it to the wall either with a lovely bit of rope (in which case, you may need to drill two holes) or screw it into the wall in the four corners.  I chose this way as I didn’t want it to wobble as I wrote.

Happy scribbling!


4 thoughts on “Project Chalkboard

  1. I made one in London from the old door of a kitchen unit. And I think it´s ok to say blackboard – it´s a board, and it´s black…don´t think that should cause anyone any offence….?

    1. I think chalkboard is a more American term. I quite like both options… and I agree… I don’t think anyone would take offence at either name! x

  2. What a great idea, think I must have one. Will be on to my tame chippy to make one for me this week, dont think I could do it for myself. My ‘TO DO’ list suddenly will look stylish!


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