Get Creative with Your Life

{a little creation}

Oh goodness I discovered a life-changing iPad APP yesterday.

Life-changing I tell you!

It’s called Noteshelf.

You can draw, write, type and do all sorts of other things on your iPad.  It is so incredible, I want to weep – just a little bit.

You don’t even need any fancy extra kit… doodling with your finger is just fine!


Courtesy of the Heart Handmade UK blog, here, I discovered lots of different planners (blog planners, journals, notepads, menus etc.) that can be downloaded and placed into the above App to be used like this:

{an example of my planner I have on my iPad – and no, I don’t actually go swimming on Wednesdays.  It’s far too cold…}

If you are still yet to discover the wonders of the iPad, these planners can be downloaded and printed too – so it’s joy all round.

See… organisation is magnificent isn’t it?!

{do you love the new signature? It’s a work in progress.}


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