{as advocated by the guru on my new DVD}

Again… I know… have I been living in a hole for, like, a bazillion years?

I used to let the yoga mad population, with their love of little rolled up mats and their stretchy fabrics pass me by.

Then I tried it.

Oooh – well, my mat is called The Warrior and is bright orange.

Ahhh – I have a good night’s sleep after even the shortest of yoga sessions.

Eeee – I get to buy exciting new comfy work-out clothes or stay in my pyjamas.

(either way it’s a win-win in my book)

If you are reluctant to join this ever expanding yoga-tribe.

I say embrace the Downward Facing Dog. Go on. You’ll love it!


3 thoughts on “Yog-aaaahhh


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