Hello Little Tomato

{nice to see you}

Ooh… I’m ahead of the game this year.

Well… maybe I have just vaguely caught up.

Last year my tomatoes were such a… special variety.

I mean a disaster.

It’s my fault because I wasn’t organised enough and didn’t plant my seeds in time.  It was all too traumatic and I ended up with 3 fruits.


This year will be different!



8 thoughts on “Hello Little Tomato

    1. Good luck with them… I hope they grow into fantastic fruit bearing plants. Unlike my last year’s miserable efforts! x

    1. You need to concentrate on other sorts of growing I imagine i.e. the teeny tiny baby! If it were me, I’d ask to sponsor a friend’s/relative’s tomato plant (like they do in donkey sanctuaries) and reap the tomato rewards that way. Ooh, that’s given me a idea of making little wooden signs saying something like ‘Name: Wilbur, Breed: Cherry Tomato, Sponsor: Mrs Tomato-Lover’. Sorry, I think I need my morning cup of tea… I had an odd moment there!!!!! x


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