Christmas Wreath Preparations

{one of last year’s handmade wreaths}

I know it is still only November!

However, if you want to make your own incredibly delicious wreath for your door, you really need to start thinking about it now.

Before this stresses anyone out… rest assured that lots of florists will have been stockpiling the bases of their wreaths in August! While I understand why this is the case, I still find it a little extreme.

All I want to say is keep an eye out, if you visit any Christmas fairs, for any bits and pieces that you might like to add to your wreath.  One of my favourite places to go always sells out of the best bits, early on.

If you have plants like Virginia Creeper growing around your home, cut some of the stems and bind them together to make your wreath base.  You can always store it somewhere dry and cool until you’re ready to use it.  If you don’t feel like making your own base, florist wholesalers sell lovely grapevine ones in all sizes.

Some other things to look out for…

  • the location of holly with berries, rose hips and tree ivy (always check that you are allowed to pick these if they are not found in your garden)
  • the most sumptuous ribbon you have ever laid eyes on (a good ribbon makes a wreath)
  • fake berries on wire stems; you can get snowy ones, red ones and everything else in-between nowadays.  If you can’t find the real thing – fake it – no one will ever know from a distance.
  • glittery embellishments… everyone loves a bit of shimmer at christmas.  Look out for glittered leaves and berries that have a bit of movement to them, this will show off the glitter to full effect if the breeze is able to make them tremble and glisten under your porch light!

Ooh… I’m getting all excited! I had better go and start planning mine.  Rest assured, there will be pics! 


2 thoughts on “Christmas Wreath Preparations

    1. I agree, they give such a traditional feel. It isn’t Christmas until everyone has their wreaths adorning their doors. However, this year, I don’t think mine will look quite as traditional, but hopefully will not look too out of place! I will post photos! x


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