How to… Decorate a Sideboard for Festivities

{Two ‘green’ arrangements}

If you are bursting to decorate your home, but are holding back from Christmas fever… try giving a bit of attention to just one piece of furniture like a sideboard, occasional table or windowsill.

The main idea of this grand plan, is to use only greenery from around the garden and hedgerows. So no bought flowers or anything too fancy or expensive, as foliage like ivy trails, tree ivy, hollies, dogwood stems etc. look incredible if they are allowed to be the main focus for a change, instead of the backdrop.

For the best effects and longevity, pick your foliage the night before you plan to use it and give it a good soak in water (not too many leaves below the water line or it gets all murky with bacteria and the like).

Find a couple of nice looking containers and put 1/3 of a block of oasis in each (after soaking well).  Secure with a bit of florist’s tape so it won’t budge and pour a little water into the containers (at this point, I’m hoping they’re water tight)!

Don’t panic about following too many ‘rules’…

Just work out which of your foliages will look nice to create some shape (i.e. round the edges and to give it a graceful convex shape when looking from the side). Spiky greens are good for this.

Choose which foliages are going to make up a focus point and weave them through the middle of the arrangement. Big, round greens are good for this. Position the stems so that it looks like the arrangement has grown naturally.

Try and hide the oasis for a smart look!

Above all… let your creativity rule and create something that you like. 

P.S. when I say ‘greens’ I don’t mean to exclude all the other colours of foliages… use them by all means, it’s just that the florist term is ‘green’ or ‘green up’ or ‘greens’ when referring to foliage!!!!

P.P.S. Please send me pics of/links to your arrangements and I would love to post them, with your permission of course!

Lastly, sorry about the dated surroundings… I did these in a stately home and although the room as a whole looked gorgeous in its grand vintage-ness, this snapshot looks a little out of context.


4 thoughts on “How to… Decorate a Sideboard for Festivities

    1. Ha ha! Will have to post a few more of my larger-scale floral endeavours to keep you intrigued! Although these particular arrangements look great in loads of settings… I reckon they’ll even brighten up a corner of our tiny finca.

  1. These look stunning. I do love flowers but I think you have proven that you can get fabulous effects with just cuttings from the garden. I am all for that. Very inspiring.
    Regards Florence x

    1. Thank you – it is gorgeous when you can use flowers from the market and get all the colours you can imagine, but there is something so lovely about using garden and hedgerow bits!


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