The Quest for the Perfect White

{interior door painted Farrow and Ball, No. 239 Wimborne White}

After being swamped with fumes painting with a regular undercoat and satinwood on interior woodwork and not completely loving the end result.  I mean, I liked it… but it didn’t make me want to do a little dance.

I decided to turn to my trusty friend the Farrow and Ball colour card to help me to choose the perfect white.  It would be bliss if I could choose the correct shade of white with which I could paint the majority of the interior woodwork throughout the house.

I took a leap and bought a can of No. 239 Wimborne White.  As doors, skirting boards and beams can be places that knocks and sticky hands seem to magnetise towards, we chose an estate eggshell finish, which is harder wearing and wipeable.

When painting, the colour resembles a milky white.  As it dries, the colour is a bright white in well-lit situations and turns a little creamy in darker lights and under a flash (as seen in the photo above on the right).

What I fell in love with was that the paint covers the door in colour but seems to enhance the natural grain of the original wood.  Almost like we are showing the door off in its best possible light without denying its woodiness and nature. Does that make sense or are the fumes still affecting me?!



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