An Instant Hedge

{box hedge – newly planted and trimmed}

Tastes change… and what was once someone’s prized formal garden, lined and partitioned with box hedges, can become a dreaded thing when it comes to maintenance. Instead of spur-of-the-moment, dig it up and burn it mentality… plants can be offered to others who may think of alternative uses for them and will be thankful for mature trees/plants that would otherwise cost a fortune to buy from a garden centre or nursery.

We have had just that good luck and have had many comments about our new hedge such as “that must have cost a bomb!” and the like.  I smile a knowing smile…because they were donated to us, after growing for 15 years making up the structure of a parterre garden next door.  They became too much like hard work for their previous owners, but for us they are a godsend!

After digging a trench, adding some manure, planting and then watering in, we had a fully formed hedge.  It even got its first trim today.

Now that’s instant gardening!!!

So get donating your unwanted plants and get adopting some new ones!


6 thoughts on “An Instant Hedge

  1. How clever are you…..wish we had neighbours like that. Share and share alike. Perhaps we could come and live in your village?


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