Young Hellebores

{young hellebore plant AKA the Christmas or Lenten Rose}

The garden can look pretty drab and depressing in the bit between late winter and early spring…

However, with a bit of forward planning, now is the time to change that!

During this last growing season, the mature hellebores in the garden self-seeded and produced lots of mini plants.  Knowing that I wanted to create a new hellebore garden at the Finca, I potted these little guys into small pots and left them for a good few months to toughen up and grow a good network of roots.

Now is the time for planting to ensure lusciousness for the early part of next year.

The three tips that I discovered for this were:

  • Space the new plants about a foot apart from each other because they need a bit of room.
  • Dig a hole the same size as the pot and make sure, when planting, that you don’t cover up the little leaf-like structures at the base of the stem (not all of the plants had these, but if they do, they need them out in the fresh air).
  • Remember to water them in – I often forget and have to go back!!
Happy Gardening!

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