{topiary ‘balls’ made from box}

My back door has been instantly transformed by the arrival of two matched topiary ‘balls’ made from box (buxus).

A quick snip into shape every now and again keeps them looking fresh.

Plus a little water!

They felt a bit formal round the front, so we decided to give the shabbier side of the house a facelift!

If my dear Mother is reading – yes I know they might look a bit familiar to you, but I randomly found these, quite by chance.  They are most, absolutely, definitely not your ‘spare’ ones.

No, no, no.  Not at all! x


4 thoughts on “Topiary-tastic!

  1. I love these by the door. We pinched some cuttings of box from a supermarket carpark to make some of these. They actually took really quickly. I got impatient though and planted them as a hedge. I have regretted it ever since!
    Regards Florence x

  2. These topiary balls always look fantastic, you can even decorate them at Christmas time to give a unique look. Do you think that your mother will notice that her ‘spares’ have gone or is she long suffering to your antics?


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