Front Door Saved by Farrow and Ball

{revitalised front door painted with pigeon}

It has taken me ages and ages to decide on a new front door colour.  The door in question used to be slightly faded, fire engine red and I wanted something a bit more calm, with a slightly vintage feel, that would work with our brick and flint cottage.  Obviously I looked to Farrow and Ball, as I am slightly obsessed with Mouse’s Back, Elephant’s Breath and the rest of their crazy-named paints.

The birth of our baby pigeon, posted here, suddenly drew me towards paint colour No.25… Pigeon (variety – exterior eggshell)!  In some lights it looks a sophisticated grey while in others it can look green or even light blue.

Three coats later and the door was completely transformed.

I am so thrilled with the colour we chose and I have to keep on popping round the front to look at it.  At one point, I even took my cup of tea out and sat on the fence staring at it!! Thankfully, my neighbours are very used to my odd ways!

All it needs now is some seasonal dressing and I’m feeling the urge to create a wreath specially for the occasion (take a peek at some previous ones, here).

I now have a little fixation about front doors… what colour is yours?


4 thoughts on “Front Door Saved by Farrow and Ball

  1. Perfect – I can understand the inspiration! Our doors in Spain are all made of the dark wood to match the shutters, but my house in London was a Sagey Green then a Delphinium Blue!

    1. I wish I had shutters…. I think they finish off a house beautifully. I have seen some fantastic rustic lavender coloured ones in France that I have my eye on!

    1. Thanks so much. I think the Farrow and Ball joy is spreading round our tiny village – I have already spotted another pigeon door that has sprouted! x


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