It's a boy! – or is it a girl?!

{new baby pigeon}

Sorry about the bad photo, I didn’t want to use the flash and scare him!

Anyway, it’s time to celebrate because Mr and Mrs Pigeon have hatched out a lovely little chick.  He’s a little odd looking but he seems to be happy and Mum has had a bit of time to herself, sitting on the roof, now that she doesn’t have to spend all day long on the egg.  Dad keeps a permanent eye out, whilst perched on the telegraph wire.

I’ll make sure I put something extra yummy out on the bird table tomorrow morning!

– and I’ll keep you updated!


5 thoughts on “It's a boy! – or is it a girl?!

    1. I did wonder why only one egg is laid each time… other birds tend to lay a clutch don’t they? Maybe it’s because the pigeon chicks are so big and demanding!


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