Mrs Pigeon Update…

{Mrs Pigeon on her new and improved nest}

Wow, I am sooo glad to be back in blogland.  I missed it awfully and now I have a backlog of news and stories to share.  Take a deep breath…

You may have read about Mrs Pigeon’s previous attempt at a nest, here.  Unfortunately, something disturbed her, (possibly the very excitable sparrow hawk that lives around here) and the egg disappeared.  Mr and Mrs Pigeon moped about for days, mourning their loss, it was very sad to see.

About 3 weeks ago, we spied Mr Pigeon walking through the rafters of our lean-to with twigs in his beak – we realised that they were going to have another go at nest building! I was a bit worried as we are always in there messing about and we might upset them.

Not a bit of it… they seem to actually enjoy the company! Mrs P. didn’t even mind a bit of flash photography earlier on!

So fingers crossed that this egg will make it through… should hatch any day now!


6 thoughts on “Mrs Pigeon Update…

  1. Hope that the egg hatches before the weather turns colder…tho’ I think you are forecasted an indian summer so with luck all will be well…please post pictures of the chicks.


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